Barelvi scholars want death for blasphemers
KARACHI: A fatwa signed by a congregation of 19 Barelvi scholars in Karachi Sunday states that a blasphemer can be executed for disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad (PTUI PBUH) regardless of religious affiliation.
"It's in the Koran someplace! You could look it up!"
A congregation organised by various Barelvi parties and groups issued the fatwa in yet another retaliation against cartoons published in European newspapers last year.

The fatwa was announced at the Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah Conference at Nishtar Park organised by various Barelvi groups. The conference started late Saturday night and concluded on Sunday morning. Citing stories from the life of the Prophet (PBUH), the muftis said that those who had committed blasphemy against the Prophet (PBUH) in the past had been killed. Conference participants said the movement against the cartoons would continue till its 'logical end' and could not be suffocated by official restrictions, arrests and 'misleading propaganda'.
Posted by: Fred 2006-03-13