Al-Qurbi Arrested On Return From France
Damascus, 13 March (AKI) - Syrian authorities have arrested a prominent political activist Ammar al-Quribi at Damascus' international airport. Al-Quribi, a member of the dissident Arab Organisation of Human Rights in Syria, (AOHRS) had just returned from a visit to France when police picked him up on Sunday. According to an AOHRS official, Abd al-Karim Rayhawi, the arrest stems from al-Quribi's activities to promote human rights in Syria. The AOHRS condemned the arrest which, Rayhawi said had taken place "outside the boundaries of any legal judicial practice."

According to well-placed sources contacted by Adnkronos International (AKI), the decision to arrest al-Qurbi came after the activist decided to participate in two meetings, including one in Paris by opponents of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Following the other meeting - which took place in January in the United States - al-Quribi told AKI that "the exiled Syrian opposition should be considered an active element for change and reform," in the country.
Posted by: Steve 2006-03-13