Senior Talib Captured in Afghanistan
A senior Taliban commander has been captured by coalition forces in central Afghanistan. Mullah Janan was captured near Deh Rawod in the central province of Uruzgan, Col. Rodney Davis said in a statement. Janan was observed leaving the area by coalition special operations forces and was captured at an Afghan militia force checkpoint. Authorities have said a Taliban commander by the same name had close ties with Osama bin Laden and might know of his whereabouts. But the name is not uncommon in Afghanistan and there was no immediate confirmation the man captured was the same.
So maybe he's a senior Talib...
Davis said the Janan who was captured in Uruzgan is believed responsible for a rocket attack on an American military outpost in Deh Rawod. No damage or casualties were reported in the July attack. Jan Mohammed Khan, the governor of Uruzgan, confirmed the arrest, saying Janan was "a famous Taliban commander." Khan told The Associated Press that Janan was captured Saturday with eight other Taliban insurgents during sweeping raids in the Dai Chopan district of the neighboring province of Zabul.
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-10-20