Cold Steel’s Mongoday Warriors Take to the Field 
Interesting army training story.
Staccato bursts from the M 240 machine gun pierced the chilly night air around Fort Wainwright from September 10–13. Rogue Cortininan Liberation Forces (CLF), roaming unchecked around Birch Hill, were eventually overcome by the “Mongolian Horde.” 

Sound strange? Not at all. The event was part of a grueling exercise for officers of 2nd Battalion, 1st infantry Regiment (Cold Steel). Moving long distances, carrying heavy rucksacks, and executing numerous small unit missions – all with very little food and sleep – were just a few of the challenges the officers faced while participating in their first “Mongoday.” 
LTC David Wisecarver, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment Commander, initiated the four-day training event for the battalion’s officers based on a tradition from the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment. As enacted in the Ranger Regiment, Mongoday is an exercise conducted in the spirit of the Mongoday warriors of Genghis Khan – the most courageous military unit in the history of combat.
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Posted by: Steve White 2003-10-22