Parvin Darabi: Open Letter to Shirin Ebadi
The day we, at Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation, a human rights organization defending the right of women against religious, cultural and social abuse, heard the news of an Iranian woman winning the Nobel Peace prize for 2003, were elated with joy. People called and emails kept coming congratulating us for such a great honor bestowed upon our countrywoman. We even cried with joy. Then we started reading the news and interviews with you Mrs. Ebadi and our joy was reduced to sorrow and despair. We stayed quiet for a while but we feel that it is time for us to speak.

Ms. Darabi is so nice, she waited this long to denounce, and in the meantime I was the only kook out there speaking against the nice Iranian woman. Grrrr.

Didn¹t you defend the mother of a 7 years old girl who had been killed by her father and stepbrother? And, weren¹t you disgusted by the Islamic laws that allow a father to kill his own daughter? We still have the tape of the interview you had with CNN where you called the judge and the Islamic court the shame of humanity. How is it that all of sudden they conform with humanity?

Because Islam and the prophet have to be, must be, blameless. Otherwise, she would have to rely on reason.

We are also puzzled why did you remove your Islamic hijab in Europe? If hijab is such a good thing then why did you not wear it in Europe? Why do you have to wear it in Iran? Isn’t it the fact that you are forced to wear hijab in Iran based on Islamic laws against the laws of human rights? Or you wear the hijab in Iran because the Iranian men (mostly Muslims) are wild animals and you need protection from them? Or is it because you are a woman afraid for her life?

Ebadi claimed it was because she respected the laws of Iran. It would be more credible if she also denounced said law as unjust.

We would appreciate to know what Islam do you practice? Wasn¹t it Islam that fired you from your appointed position as a judge bestowed upon you at such an early age (since you are 56 years old now and Iran has been an Islamic Republic for the past 25 years then you must have been in your late twenties, barely out of university, when you were appointed a judge) by the late Shah of Iran? If Islam is such a tolerant and peaceful religion shouldn¹t you have been a practicing judge instead of a legal aide? Didn¹t you read the Islamic requirements for a judge? For your information Mrs. Ebadi we have it stated here, taken from Khomeini¹s book. Since you do not seem to be bothered by Islam and Khomeini then you may agree with him.

Jimmah Carter made the blunder of the century by withdrawing support from the Shah of Iran. Carter is by far the worst president we’ve EVER had.

The Islamic requirement for a judge is that "the person have reached puberty, know Koranic laws, be just, not have amnesia, not be a bastard and not be of a female sex."

Ebadi is one of the few non-mythical ’moderate Muslims’ we hear about. ’Moderate Muslim’ is just not good enough.

That is why you were removed from your position as a judge and allowed to work as a legal aide, not even as an attorney. We hear that you don¹t mind a human being¹s value be measured against the value of camels and cows as long as it is the same number of cows and camels for both men and women. We hope you do disagree with the Islamic laws that values a man¹s left testicle more than a woman¹s life, don¹t you?

Basically, Mrs. Ebadi is the Erin Brockovich of Iran (pseudoreasoning included.) How nice for the Mullahs.
Posted by: Sorge 2003-10-22