Colombian terrorists seek combat jets
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A unit of the terrorist group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC, is attempting to purchase combat aircraft and helicopters to protect drug cartels, according to Brazil’s intelligence service.
That will make things interesting, and will up the ante, too.
The FARC 23rd Front, which controls exit routes used by the drug cartel headed by Diego Montoya Sanches, is attempting to purchase one combat aircraft and three light helicopters on the international black market, the Brazilian Internet newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo reported last week.
The newspaper stated that a British mercenary arrested in Dallas in August said he had been hired to buy a jet or turboprop aircraft for the FARC. I wonder how long they think that they could keep the a/c hidden before it is hit on the ground or blown out of the sky. The mercenary, David Brian Tomkins, was in Colombia in May and June and then in Rio in July.
He also attempted to buy three light helicopters that could be outfitted with rockets, machine guns and grenade launchers.
That should bring Blackhawks and other heavy iron in like flies on s--t to stomp them out.
Posted by: Alaska Paul 2003-10-22