A Moderate Muslim Speaks
From Memri:

EFL & Fair Use - read the whole thing - it’s a hoot.

Sheikh Mansour Al-Rifa’i ’Ubeid, formerly Egypt’s Under Secretary for Religious Affairs in charge of mosques and the Koran, wrote an article in the religious weekly Aqidati, which is published by the official Egyptian daily Al-Gumhuriya. The article titled "Treason and Deception are in Their Blood," attacks Jews. The following are excerpts from the article:(1)
"The Jews lived their whole lives in a nest of corruption, propagating vile and fighting virtue. Therefore, Allah - through the Prophets - cursed them throughout time because they constantly propagated treason, be it their way of life and their way of dealing with people... They worship and venerate money, using it to breed depravity and to raze values. Because of this Allah, be He praised, said [Koran 5: 78-79]: ’The heretics among the Israelites were cursed by David and by Jesus the son of Mary because they rebelled and acted violently. They did not counsel each other from committing evil, but [indeed] did it and therefore their deeds are sinful.’ Allah be He praised, did not curse all the Jews, since there is a group amongst them that has known Allah and believed in Him... Some of the Jews, though a minority, have decency and conscience.

"Among the [Jews’] foolhardy acts and false claims is their saying: ’We have no obligation towards the gentiles.’ [Koran 3: 75] Meaning, anyone who is not Jewish... has no rights and his money is fair game. [So] a Jew will not be condemned nor punished if he attacks a gentile. [And] if a gentile entrusts a Jew with money, and the Jew appropriates it - it is [considered] his right. Furthermore, according to them [i.e. the Jews], they [even] thank him for his deed, because the Jews are used to disavow the gentiles’ deposits. They know that the Torah instructed them to deal [honestly] with deposits but their deplorable nature and their selfishness make them twist the words of the Torah according to their wishes.

Posted by: Mercutio 2003-10-22