Israel prepares for war with Iran
Summary: the entire Israeli establishment, and pretty much the entire Israeli population, are behind the need to wipe out Iran's nuclear capability now. Even former Mossad chief Meir Dagan, who openly opposed an attack on Iran, has shut up, as have the lofty literary lights of the left wing peace movements.
At the end of last week, the media were talking about which towns had good bomb shelters and air raid sirens and which didn't. The likelihood that Israel would soon be attacking Iran had begun to sink in. An antiwar demonstration was held across the boulevard from the Defense Ministry compound in Tel Aviv. About 25 people showed up. They held signs that read, "Don't bomb -- talk" to the evening rush hour traffic going past. One driver honked.
President Shimon Peres, who has put his days as a peacemaker far behind him, is warning only about the dangers of a nuclear Iran and not at all about those of an Israeli attack.

As for opposition from the B.O. regime, it has been awfully muted. The Republican presidential candidates (with the exception of Ron Paul) have  been gung-ho, which has much to do with the administration's wariness toward Israel in this election year. But then how strong an argument for restraint can the administration make to the Israelis, after repeating for years that a nuclear Iran is "unacceptable" and that "all options are on the table"?
Posted by: trailing wife 2012-02-17