Efforts to reform Saleh's party
[Yemen Post] Sources close to Deputy Head of the General People Congress Abdul-Karim Al-Iriani has revealed that efforts are exerted to make changes in the ranks of the party.

The sources told Akhbar Alyawam Newspaper that many bigwigs will be replaced, pointing out that officials who are charged with committing violations against human rights
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would be replaced.

They said these moves came on the base of recommendations that were provided by ambassadors of the countries tasked with overseeing the implementation of the GCC deal.

The sources anticipated that these changes will come simultaneously with changes of governors and officials of the local authorities.

Yemeni analysts anticipated that the GPC will politically fade away after its long-standing head, the former president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saelh, who enjoyed strong ties with tribal leaders and powerful figures, abandons politics.

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some high-ranking officials of GPC said that Saleh would not abandon politics and that he would continue on as head of the GPC.

Spokesman of the GPC Abdu Al-Ganadi had affirmed that Saleh intends to keep his position as a head of the GPC.

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front man of the Islah Party Mohammad Qahtan said Saleh who was granted immunity of prosecution under the GCC deal might be prosecuted in case he continued his political activities.

Saleh frequently emphasized that he desires to stay as the head of GPC, but his opponents hinted that he must leave politics according to the compromise deal.

GPC was founded by Saleh on 1982 in Sana'a, and since then the party has majority inside the parliament. At the last legislative elections, 27 April 2003, the party won 238 out of 301 seats in the Assembly of Representatives.

Posted by: Fred 2012-03-02