Are Radical Feminists Shakers Without the Furniture?
Bill Frezza, Forbes Magazine

... Admittedly, comparing radical feminists to Shakers is a stretch. While both tendentiously preach equality of the sexes as the primary virtue, the Shakers approached their ideal through celibacy and fruitful labor while radical feminists seem to revel in public displays of outrage whenever the media gives them occasion to sally forth from their academic sinecures.

I suppose this means that aside from the nightly news archives, radical feminists will only leave behind a legacy of endowed chairs rather than the kind that go around your dining room table. And it is primarily through such academic institutions that their poisonous philosophy continues to propagate, since transmitting anti-family values through the patriarchic hegemony of the family would entail a self contradiction. Not to mention the fact that the actual experience of motherhood tends to undermine radical feminism in predictable ways.

Perhaps this is why practitioners like Sandra Fluke seek to avoid motherhood. Source of funds aside, one can only wish her the greatest success in this objective, along with all like-minded feminists that would like to join her and the Shakers as colorful footnotes in history. . . .
Posted by: Mike 2012-03-14