Yemen: Motorcycles with no registration plates banned
[Yemen Post] The Interior Ministry has directed to ban cycle of violences with no registration plates in all Yemeni governorates after several Yemeni officers were assassinated by gunnies on cycle of violences.

The ministry stated that security campaigns will be conducted to pursue those cycle of violences which have no registrations plates.

Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula had called its members to use cycle of violences and avoid using vehicles after US drones increased against them.

It further cautioned its operatives against using cell phones, urging them to use internet under coded names.

On Wednesday, a Yemeni officer was assassinated by a gunnies on cycle of violence nearby the Interior Ministry.

Yemeni security sources said that the incident carries the hallmarks of al-Qaeda, pointing out that they have no evidence about that.

A Yemeni analyst and specialist on terror groups, Saeed al-Jomahi, has said that Al-Qaeda will continue carrying out liquidations against Yemeni military officers.

Most liquidations focus on individuals working in counterterrorism operations, particularly officers of the Political Security, an intelligence service.

The Interior Ministry has recently launched a anti-weapon campaign in which it focused on combating gun spread and carrying in main cities.

Posted by: Fred 2012-11-09