Thai teachers run down attackers
Two Thai school teachers whose car was attacked by gunmen reacted by ramming their motorcycle, forcing them off the road, and then fleeing to get help and medical attention.
Yeehaw! Ride 'em down, cowboys!
Last Friday morning, security officials received a report of an attack on a couple of teachers on a local road in Pattani province. A joint police, military and civilian force was sent to the scene to investigate. There they found a motorcycle abandoned by the attackers laying in trees on the roadside, but no sign of the riders.

About 500 meters away the victims' car was parked with three bullet holes in the driver's-side windows and another in the front windshield. They later learned that the car was driven by Sukij Ritdej with Wanphen Chankaew as the passenger. Both are teachers at a nearby school.

The teachers were heading to the school when their car was suddenly cut off by two gunmen on a motorcycle who opened fire on them with pistols. Ms Wanphen was hit in the body and left arm. Instead of stopping, the driver stepped on the gas and drove into the attackers' motorcycle, forcing it off the road into the trees. They then sped to the school and sought help from their colleagues.

The security force surrounded the area to hunt for the gunmen, thinking that they were likely injured by the car's impact and would not get far.
Posted by: ryuge 2012-11-12