Dubai top cop spews bile at Brotherhood – Some Kuwaiti MPs barred from UAE
KUWAIT: Dubai police chief Lt Gen Dhahi Khalfan yesterday said that a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group that was arrested in the UAE had was creating turmoil through social media and that they had been in contact with foreign bodies. “They have committed state security crimes and that’s why the public prosecutors ordered arresting them,” he said, adding that all the arrested suspects had contacts with Brotherhood members in Kuwait and that some Kuwaiti MPs had condemned their arrest. Khalfan said that some Kuwaiti MPs – whom he did not identify – were not welcome in the UAE. “They know this very well and if you wish to know who they are, I suggest that they visit the UAE and they’ll be exposed,” he said.

Khalfan also stressed that investigations revealed that the suspects arrested in UAE had met with Kuwaiti Brotherhood members who are the “mentors of other groups”. “They hold courses and teach members how to act and resist, such as Tareq Al-Suwaidan. His anti-regime attitude is very clear,” he said. Khalfan highly praised the recent measures Kuwait took in confronting the “illegal” protests organized by some activists. “I personally believe what the government did was one hundred percent right,” he said, noting that the one-vote electoral system was the best.

Khalfan also expressed pleasure over the unprecedented number of candidates running for the forthcoming elections despite opposition calls to boycott it, saying this proves the Brotherhood opposition’s failure in convincing highly educated youth to boycott the elections. “How can an MP remain in office all life long?”, he also asked, suggesting limiting MPs’ membership to two or three terms. “Some MPs have been in office since I was a child and I’m 60 now,” he said.

Posted by: Au Auric 2012-11-12