Gazans agree to conditional cease-fire, fire 2 more rockets
[JPost] Palestinian terrorist factions in the Gaza Strip agreed to an informal, and apparently unilateral cease-fire with Israel on Monday night, but said it depends on "Israeli aggression," Palestinian news agencies reported. The report comes at the end of a day that saw over 20 rockets fired into Israel, injuring four people.

Hamas called the meeting of the various factions in order to avoid further Palestinian casualties, Bethlehem-based Ma'an news agency reported, citing a DFLP leader. Six Palestinians were killed in Israeli strikes since the weekend, two of whom were terrorists.

A Hamas statement from the meeting said that its activities "depend on the continuation of the Israeli aggression."

Soon after the meeting, however, Gazans fired two additional rockets at Sderot. The rockets exploded in an empty field, causing no damages or injuries.

Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired some 20 rockets and mortars into southern Israel since midnight Sunday, injuring four people, with 43 others suffering from shock.
Posted by: Fred 2012-11-13