UAE offers 2-month amnesty to illegals
Two months? That gives them time to sell the condo and pack...
ABU DHABI: Foreigners who live without proper residency documents can leave the UAE without paying fines from Dec. 4 under a general amnesty announced by the government.

Lt. Gen. Nassir Al Awadhi Al Menhali, assistant undersecretary for Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, said the amnesty period will begin from Dec. 4 and end on Feb. 3. Overstayers can visit residency departments across the country to obtain outpasses and leave the country. They can also regularize their visas after payment of fines during the amnesty period.

“…The general pardon only applies to those who entered the country legally but overstayed,” he clarified. “Infiltrators will be treated as criminals.”

The official added that the immigration offices throughout the country would be working in two shifts to ensure all the illegal immigrants leave the country during the grace period.
Posted by: Steve White 2012-11-14