Israeli air strikes pound Gaza as death toll hits 38
[Dawn] An Israeli air strike on Rafah in southern Gazoo killed four people on Saturday, Paleostinian medics said, raising the overall corpse count from the aerial campaign to 38.

The attack came as the Tunisian foreign minister crossed into southern Gazoo through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt.

It followed hot on the heels of other strikes elsewhere in the city which killed one, and a raid on a refugee camp in central Gazoo which killed another three, medics said.

"Four people were killed in a third raid on Rafah that targeted a group of citizens in the Zuhur neighbourhood," said Adham Abu Selmiya, front man for Gazoo's Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason,-run emergency services.

...back at the Council of Boskone, Helmuth had turned a paler shade of blue. Star-A-Star had struck again...
similar air strikes destroyed the cabinet headquarters of Gazoo's Hamas rulers.

"The IDF (army) has targeted Ismail Haniya's headquarters in Gazoo," an Israeli army front man told AFP, referring to the Hamas prime minister.

Haniya's government said four "barbaric Israeli" strikes "completely destroyed" its headquarters and that neighbouring houses were damaged.

Witnesses said the damage was extensive but there were no reports of casualties.

The latest strikes raised the overall corpse count in Gazoo to 38 as a relentless Israeli air campaign against Gazoo faceless myrmidons entered its fourth straight day.

The identities of the four killed in the latest Rafah strike were not immediately clear.

Earlier, medics said three people had been killed in Maghazi refugee camp in central Gazoo and another man had died in a raid on Tel al-Sultan neighbourhood in Rafah.

"Three men died in an Israeli air strike on Maghazi camp in central Gazoo,"said emergency services front man Adham Abu Selmiya.

Paleostinian security sources told AFP that all four were Hamas orcs.

They named the three who died in Maghazi camp as Ali Manameh, Hossam Abdel Jawad and Assaf Gharwish, while the man who died in Rafah was Mukhlis Adwan.

Posted by: Fred 2012-11-18