Pakistani court dismisses blasphemy case against Christian girl
[LA Times] A Pak court on Tuesday dismissed charges against a Christian girl accused of desecrating the Koran, ending a case that had cast a spotlight on the country’s controversial blasphemy law and renewed questions about the treatment of minorities.
I give her a year until some devout fellow bumps her off.
The Islamabad High Court concluded there was no evidence to support allegations that Rimsha Masih, 14, had ripped pages from the Koran on Aug. 16 and burned them, said one of her lawyers, Akmal Waheed Bhatti.
That's what Christians do, isn't it? Rip pages from the Koran, I mean. That's why Pakistain needs blasphemy laws, just to keep it under control.
Rimsha spent three weeks in jail but was later freed on bail after police came across evidence they say shows a holy man at a mosque in her neighborhood had ripped pages from a copy of the Koran and planted them in a bag of ashes and trash that the girl was taking to a garbage bin.
Which you would think would make the holy man liable for blasphemy. But there's probably not enough evidence, is there? You'd need three adult, devout Moslem men to make the charge stick.
The holy man, Khalid Chishti, now faces charges of fabricating evidence against Rimsha. Chishti was among the group of Mohammedans in Rimsha’s neighborhood who claimed she had violated the blasphemy law. He is free on bail and awaiting trial.
Keep in mind that one of the witnesses against him has already recanted his testimony. Doubtless any others are examining their consciences and looking under their cars before getting in. And keeping an ear out for the sound of cycles of violence approaching.
“We were on firm ground because there were no witnesses to back up the charges,” Bhatti said. “It was a fabricated story.”

Posted by: Fred 2012-11-20