Puntland forces seriously wound two protestors in Qardho city
[Shabelle] Puntland
...a region in northeastern Somalia, centered on Garowe in the Nugaal province. Its leaders declared the territory an autonomous state in 1998. Puntland and the equally autonomous Somaliland seem to have avoided the clan rivalries and warlordism that have typified the rest of Somalia, which puts both places high on the list for Islamic subversion...
forces have reportedly opened fire on protesting crowds in the town of Qardho, wounding seriously at least two protestors.

On Saturday,Hundreds of demonstrators, including women and kiddies carrying banners erupted into the streets in Qardho city, the scenic provincial capital of Karkaar region, northeast Somalia on Saturday, to show their fury against the visiting Puntland president Abdirahman Farole.

"The Puntland forces loyal to Abdirahman Farole have today opened fire indiscriminately on crowds who were marching a peaceful protest in the city, injuring two demonstrators," a witness said.

The victimized innocent civilians were admitted to a hospital in Qardho, where they are now being treated. However,
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Puntland officials have not yet released any comments on the incident.
Posted by: Fred 2012-11-25