Ehud Barak to retire from politics
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has announced that he will retire from political life and won't run in the upcoming elections.

During a surprise press conference on Monday morning, Barak said, "There are many ways to contribute to the state, politics isn't the only one. My decision to retire stems from my desire to devote that time to my family, and also because I have never felt that politics was the height of my ambition."

He said, "I believe that it is important to make way for fresh faces – a turnover in positions of power is a good thing. I made the decision not without qualms but ultimately with a whole heart."

He added that he will continue to serve as defense minister until the next elections. When asked whether he could serve as the next defense minister as a non-elected official, he said the question is "irrelevant."
Posted by: ryuge 2012-11-26