Sinai-Bound Weapons Seized In Suez
[Maan] Egyptian police seized a truck carrying heavy weaponry in the city of Suez on Monday, an Egyptian official said.

A police commander in North Sinai told Ma'an that the truck was en-route to the peninsula to deliver grad missiles and other high grade weapons.

Three suspects were cooled for a few years
Into the paddy wagon wit' yez!
for questioning and the weapons seized by Egyptian authorities.

Hardline Islamist jihad boy groups have expanded into a vacuum left by the collapse of state control in North Sinai during the uprising that overthrew Mubarak in February, 2011.

The state launched a concerted effort to reestablish control following an Aug. 5 attack in which 16 border guards were killed. But a Nov. 3 gun attack in which three coppers died underlined the challenge still facing the authorities.
Posted by: trailing wife 2012-11-27