Abu Sayyaf beheading suspect captured in the Philippines
A member of Abu Sayyaf, believed to be involved in the beheading of two men in 2002, was arrested in a small village about 10 miles outside of Zamboanga City. The suspect, Walid Amping, aka Alexander Antonio and Tuma, was taken in Friday morning in the village of Tulungatung.

Amping was nabbed on six counts of kidnapping and two counts of murder for the 2002 kidnapping of six Jehovah's Witnesses in Sulu province. According to reports, the victims - four females and two males - were selling products door-to-door when the Abu Sayyaf terrorists bandits seized them.

They beheaded the two male hostages, whose bodies were found the next day. The rest of the hostages were rescued after weeks of military operations against the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu.

Amping is the fifth terrorist militant suspect arrested in the recent pursuit of the Abu Sayyaf by local police and military in Zamboanga and Basilan provinces.
Posted by: ryuge 2012-11-29