Terrorists kill six more Shias in Pakistan
[Iran Press TV] Six people have been killed in Pakistain over the past 24 hours in the latest round of continued terrorist attacks against the country's Shia Mohammedans, Press TV reports.

Terrorists killed a medical couple on Thursday in their hospital in the port city of Bloody Karachi
...formerly the capital of Pakistain, now merely its most important port and financial center. It may be the largest city in the world, with a population of 18 million, most of whom hate each other and many of whom are armed and dangerous...
, shortly after a father and his daughter were also targeted in the city.

The man was instantly killed and his 14-year-old girl was at death's door after sustaining bullet wounds in the abdomen.

Three others also bit the dust in similar acts of violence in Bloody Karachi.

The latest spate of violence against the Mohammedan community has triggered mass protests in the city, which is the capital of Sindh Province and the country's main commercial hub.

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in mosques across Bloody Karachi on Friday to condemn the ongoing terrorist attacks against Pakistain's Shia minority, who make up an estimated 30 million of the country's 180 million-strong population.

Pakistain's top court earlier ordered security authorities to take immediate action against nearly 7,000 pro-Talibs who have reportedly made their way into the country's largest city.

Violence has escalated against Shia Mohammedans in different parts of Pakistain in recent months. Since the beginning of 2012, hundreds of Shias have been killed in the country.

Pak Shia leaders have called on the government to form a judicial commission to investigate the bloodshed.

Posted by: Fred 2012-12-01