Egypt's president sends messages of 'compromise' as tens of thousands surround palace
[Al Ahram] 23:40 The Ministry of Interior warned the protests at the presidential palace, held by anti-Morsi demonstrators, and the rally of the president's supporters three miles away could be infiltrated and might spiral "out of control". In a statement issued by its media center, the ministry called on the participants in both congregations to go home "for the sake of the nation."

23:25 The Ministry of Health said 11 people were injured in Friday's protests against the constitutional declaration: three in Cairo at the presidential palace, six at the president's home in Zagazig located in Sharqiya governorate in the eastern Delta, and two in Behaira governorate in the northern Delta.

23:00 Protesters have set up barricades in Marghani Street leading to the presidential palace in the Heliopolis district in Cairo in preparation for a sit-in, according to Al-Ahram Arabic website.

Protesters are distributing blankets to wither the chilly night in the country's capital.

Rumors about attacks from Muslim Brotherhood supporters keep circulating, said Ahram Online's Bel Trew. Some anti-Morsi protesters formed groups to protect the rally at the presidential palace against "possible attacks."

Meanwhile, reinforced vehicles of the Central Security Forces are surrounding the Brotherhood supporters congregating at in Naser City's Raba El-Adawiya Mosque, three miles away from the presidential palace.

Some of the officers deployed near the mosque stressed there is no way for the Brotherhood supporters to head towards the presidential palace.

22:15 Al-Ahram Arabic website reports that hundreds or anti-Morsi demonstrators in the northern coastal city of Alexandria ransacked the governorate's headquarters, expressing anger at the killing of other protesters Thursday at the hands of what they described as "armed militias affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood."
Posted by: Fred 2012-12-08