Egypt's army will not allow violence, says armed forces spokesperson
[Al Ahram] Spokesperson of the Armed Forces Ahmed Mohamed Ali stated Saturday that national dialogue is the best way to reach consensus for the good of the country, asserting that the army will not allow violence to continue.
"Those who engage in violence will be thumped!"
"The Armed Forces are always on the side of the people.
"Of course, there are lotsa varieties of 'people' we can choose among..."
"We support the call for national dialogue,
If there's only one side loguing it's called a 'monologue.'
"...to reach a consensus that unites all segments of the nation," read the statement published on the spokesperson Ali's Facebook page.
"Those who don't unite might as well make reservations at the bone yard..."
Wednesday witnessed fierce festivities between opponents and supporters of President Mohamed Morsi after a sit-in of anti-Morsi protesters was attacked by Morsi supporters. At least six people were killed during subsequent festivities.
Seems to me that if the Morsi supporters attacked the Tahrir Square people who were waving nothing more deadly that their fists that the Morsi supporters are in the wrong and should be held accountable.
Ali added that polarisation would only lead the country down "a dark tunnel that will have disastrous results."
"Polarization" comes about because there's more than one opinion in the vicinity. When everybody is hooting in favor of the same old dictator, or maybe the latest old dictator, it's actually not a good thing. "Disunity" in the community (I saw the 'Unity in the Community' sign in ten foot letters emblazoned on the side of an appropriately derelict building in Baltimore a few years ago and both the vision and the symbolism have stuck in my mind ever since) means you've got more than one way of looking at things, which leaves room for originality. There are times when you've got to dig in and stand up for what you believe is right, maybe even correct, and if somebody else is doing the same thing on the other side you've got "polarization." But you can't overcome "polarization" just by cracking the heads of the other side, at least not until you've packed the lot of them off to the bone yard. But it's a far, far better thing to sell your own ideas and convince 51 percent or better of the stoopid bastards on the other side to come over to your side of sweet reason and cool logic.
"The Armed Forces have always ensured the security and safety of the nation and its people, and will continue to do so," added Ali.
Think "45-year state of emergency."
In response to the Armed Forces statement, Abdel-Khalq Al-Sherif, a bigwig in the Moslem Brüderbund, told Rooters that the statement was balanced and is a "step in helping to end a political crisis that did not take sides."
Sounds like al-Sherif expects the army to be on his side, regardless of whether his side started the thumping.
Al-Sharif added that it was right for the military "not [to engage] in political manoeuvres."
"Not engaging in political maneuvers" would actually have included keeping its collective and institutional trap shut.
On Friday, Al-Ahram daily reported that a decree would soon be issued by the president authorising the army to arrest civilians.
... which is the definition of martial law.
Posted by: Fred 2012-12-09