Harry Belafonte goes full banana! Wants Obama to jail opposition like Dictator.
Seems now that the second buggering has begun and the true colors of the various Obama Tyrant supporters are making their 'wishes' known. Harry "Is that my coke?" Belafonte wants Obama to toss in jail everyone who is in his way.

My aren't we special?

It's amusing how much these "Enlightened, Reality Based, caring and compassionate people want to lock up or murder anyone who doesn't agree. It's not the Right that has fantasies of enslaved nations obeying their Dear Leader.

Who knows, if he's brave enough to try this, then maybe some of the country will actually wake up.
HT - Moonbattery through gatewaypundit
Ahem, commenters: let's remember the special rule here at Rantburg that says that we shall write no death threats or hints of death threats against any American citizen, no matter how odious, stupid or evil (those are not mutually exclusive). Not aiming this at anyone, just a gentle reminder.

Posted by: Silentbrick - Schlumberger Squishy Mud Division 2012-12-13