Yemen Security intercepts tons of explosives intended for capital
Sana'a security intercepted a vehicle loaded with explosives trying to enter the capital, a security official said.
They waved through the other cars where the drivers had paid the squeeze...
A car laden with explosives was intercepted at a security checkpoint at the entrance to the capital on December 13. The source said that the explosives are now in the custody of Central Security. The vehicle is believed to have come from Thamar province, some 100 km to the south of the capital. The plate of the vehicle, 9, indicates it is from Thamar also.

The explosives were hidden under parcels and are estimated to weigh between three to four tons. There is no information regarding the specific target locations, the Counter-Terrorism Unit is undertaking a full investigation, according to the source.

The capital Sana'a has witnessed a security breakdown over the past year which has been rife with suicide bombs and explosive devices. A shipment of Turkish guns was intercepted in Hodeidah province last Friday, the third of such originating in Turkey. A number of security and military officers have also been assassinated.
Posted by: tipper 2012-12-15