Future terrorists to come from various religions
Nonetheless, most will still be jihadis, killing their way into Paradise.
[Dawn] An official US report warns that future cut-throats could come from many different religions, including Christianity and Hinduism.
No doubt that's so in the sweet by and by. Terrorism's a tool, used in the furtherance of an ideology. Thirty years ago if somebody got blown up or a plane was hijacked you thought "commie." In 1920 it was Bolsheviks and in 1900 it was anarchists. The fallacy being relied upon is called "Tu Quoque," in case you've forgotten: excusing one's own bad action by pointing out that one's opponent's acts or personal character are also open to question, in that case that "everybody does it."
"Right-wing and left-wing ideological groups -- some of the oldest users of terrorist tactics -- also will pose threats," the report adds.
The fact remains that currently terrorism is approximately 90 percent used by Islamists. The remaining ten percent or so is split among "all others," to include Nork assassins and the IRA.
But it hopes that the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and a reduced military presence in Afghanistan will also decrease the terrorists' ability to use America for stirring up Mohammedan anger.
There are lots of excuses, to include using the U.S. as a strawman, for killing people. The end is power, and actual hatred of the U.S., if any, is only coincidental.
"The Future of Terrorism" is part of a larger report that studies global trends between now and 2030. The report was partially released earlier this month but the complete version has now been placed on the US State Department's website.
Ahah. Who better to analyze terrorism than the State Department? I understand Hillary was going to be present at the completion ceremony, but she stubbed her toe.
"The impending withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and decreases in US forces in Afghanistan will help to reduce the extent to which cut-throats can draw on the United States as a lightning rod for anger," says the report prepared by US intelligence agencies for American policymakers.
Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Anybody want to put money on that happening?
"Soon, US support for Israel could be the last remaining major focus of Mohammedan anger," the report adds.
... and that's going to wink out of existence sometime in the next four years.
Several circumstances are ending the current Islamist phase of terrorism, indicating that "the recent religious wave is receding and could end by 2030", the report adds.
When these things "end" it's usually pretty quick. There weren't a lot of Nazi saboteurs in 1946. Sometime soon after 1992 the Muddle East bad guyz decided they weren't really Commies. For awhile they didn't know what they were, but then they got that Olde Time Religion and they were off again. There's also a residue left when they do wink out of existence, which means they don't quite go away for years. Hence the PFLP and DFLP in Paleostine and the PKK in Turkey, still red-flagging it, the former mere ghosts of their old selves.
It points out that past terrorist waves, the Anarchists in the 1880s and 90s, the post-war anti-colonial terrorist movements, the new left in 1970s, also ended in a similar fashion.
The New Left disappeared from the ranks of terrorism pretty quick. I think Patty Hearst and Aldo Moro were probably the straws that broke the camels' American and European humps. It was made easier by the fact that the groups were very small. That helped maintain secrecy and such, but it also meant that they could all be rounded up in an afternoon, maybe a weekend. And once that happened there wasn't a hidden red brigade or two to carry on. A few years ago we watched the breakup of November 17 in Greece, which fit that pattern precisely.
But the report warns that "terrorism is unlikely to die completely because it has no single cause".
True. It's a tool, and the ideology behind it is the dangerous part. But that means, I'd think, that the problem isn't terrorism but the teachings of the Profit Moe. Once they're rooted out and replaced by practicing agnostics things will be much better.
The report compares terrorism to a forest fire and says that traditional use of the term "root cause" for understanding what drives terrorism is misleading. Like a forest fire, "a mixture of conditions such as dry heat, a spark, and wind lead to terrorism" as well.
Sounds like trouble on the shores of Gitcheegoomee. Bulwer-Lytton is chuckling in his grave.
Posted by: Fred 2012-12-27