Egypt's Morsi Urges Opposition to Engage After Constitution Enacted
[VOA News] Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is urging opposition groups to join him in a dialogue about the country's future after he signed into law a new constitution that those groups bitterly oppose.
Don't you usually have that dialogue before you write a constitution and not after?
In a televised address late Wednesday, Morsi said the government and the opposition must cooperate to enable Egypt to solve what he called its "huge" economic problems.

In a conciliatory gesture, Morsi said he takes responsibility for "mistakes" made by his six-month-old government in trying to expedite a transition to democracy. Liberal groups criticized the Islamist president for unilaterally boosting his powers last month to ensure that a panel of fellow Islamists could finish drafting the constitution and submit it to a popular referendum without being challenged by the judiciary.

Posted by: Fred 2012-12-27