'Kim Jong-il Award' to Grace Int'l Figures
North Korea has established an international award in honor of its late leader Kim Jong-il, marking the 21st anniversary of his inauguration as supreme commander of the army, the official KCNA news agency reported Monday.

On the dead leader's birthday, also known as the "Day of the Shining Star," the award will be given to prominent politicians, public leaders, academics and business leaders who have "made outstanding contributions in their country's struggle for national independence, world peace and development of human culture," KCNA added.

The lucky recipients can look forward to a citation, a gold medal and a cup. KCNA claimed an award board composed of "prominent international figures" has been set up in New Delhi, India.
I really, really want to see the list of first awardees. Readers with a guess should enter them in the comments...

Posted by: Steve White 2012-12-27