Syria could turn into "hell", UN envoy warns in Cairo
He warns while safely ensconced in Cairo.
United Nations-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi Sunday warned that the conflict was worsening in Syria and could "turn into a hell", but said a political solution was still possible, DPA reported.

"This political solution includes a ceasefire, the formation of a transition government with full powers and other steps leading to elections," he said in Cairo, apparently referring to agreements reached in Geneva in June at the Action Group for Syria meeting.
Nothing, nothing gets past the UN diplomatic crew...
The veteran Algerian diplomat said that a delay in implementing the peaceful solution would risk turning Syria into a new Somalia and jeopardizing global security.
The latter maybe but Syria would have a long ways to go to become Somalia. Somalia has had a two thousands year head start...
"The situation in Syria is very bad and worsening," he said after talks with the head of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi.

"The pace of deterioration is increasing," he added, hoping that a solution could be reached before the second anniversary of the Syrian uprising in March. "Syria has two possibilities: either a political solution fulfilling the legitimate aspirations of Syrian people or Syria could turn into a hell."

Brahimi met with al-Assad in Damascus earlier in the week, but did not share details of those talks. The peace envoy also met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow on Saturday.
Posted by: Steve White 2012-12-31