Egypt barring Bahais from enrolling in public schools
Dangerous as it is to be a member of one of the dhimmi religions when Islam is on the march, to believe in other than the accepted dissentions is even more dangerous. While Baha'i was founded by a Muslim visionary/heretic in Persia about 150 years ago, the world headquarters is in Haifa, because in the Middle East only the nation of the Juices allows them to worship freely.
[Jpost] Egypt's Education Minister Ibrahim Ghoneim on Sunday reiterated that members of the Bahai religion could not enroll in Egyptian public schools, according to Egypt Independent.

"The Constitution only recognizes the three Abrahamic religions," Ghoneim reportedly said, "And as religion is a subject taught in schools, they do not meet the requirements for enrollment."

Ghoneim's statement came on the heels of similar comments he made in November, in which he asserted that Egypt "only recognizes three religions, and the Bahai faith is not among them. Thus their children do not have the right to register in government schools."

Tensions between Egypt's rulers and Bahais have intensified since 1960, when the government confiscated their assets and sold them in a public auction. At that time, the Egyptian government accused Bahais of being loyal to Israel.
Just another step down the primrose path so well outlined by those who have gone down it before.

Posted by: trailing wife 2013-01-07