Palestinian PM Fayad Blasts Arab Donors For Non-Payment Of Pledges
[Ynet] The Paleostinian government is close to being "completely incapacitated," largely because Arab countries haven't delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in promised aid, the Paleostinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad
...Fayyad's political agenda holds that neither violence nor peaceful negotiations have brought the Paleostinians any closer to an independent state. The alternative to both, violent negotiations, doesn't seem to be working too well, either...
said in an interview Sunday.
They're busy, and y'all aren't important anymore. Sorry. Perhaps you ought to consider living within your actual means, instead of on promises.
Hard to live within their means when they don't have any...
Hard to have any when you promote very large families living on welfare, discourage effective education and loot the productive assets you're given.
According to him, if allowed to continue, the unprecedented financial crisis will quickly double the number of Paleostinian poor to 50 percent, as well as boosting the political appeal of the Islamic cut-thoat Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason, while discrediting him and other proponents of a nonviolent path to statehood in the West Bank, Gazoo Strip and east Jerusalem.
Posted by: trailing wife 2013-01-07