Obama supporters shocked, angry at new tax increases
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I love the smell of Schadenfreude in the morning...
Sometimes, watching a Democrat learn something is wonderful, like seeing the family dog finally sit and stay at your command.With President Obama back in office and his life-saving "fiscal cliff" bill jammed through Congress, the new year has brought a surprising turn of events for his sycophantic supporters.
Jeez, it's almost like he...lied or sumthin.
"What happened that my Social Security withholding's in my paycheck just went up?" a poster wrote on the liberal site DemocraticUnderground.com. "My paycheck just went down by an amount that I don't feel comfortable with. I guarantee this decrease is gonna hurt me more than the increase in income taxes will hurt those making over 400 grand. What happened?"
What happened? You're a friggin rube! That's what happened...
"I know to expect between $93 and $94 less in my paycheck on the 15th," wrote the ironically named "RomneyLies."
Lousy friggin Romney! It sucks that he won!
"My boyfriend has had a lot of expenses and is feeling squeezed right now, and having his paycheck shrink really didn't help," wrote "DemocratToTheEnd."
Sounds like the "end" may be closer than she thinks...
"BlueIndyBlue" added: "Many of my friends didn't realize it, either. Our payroll department didn't do a good job of explaining the coming changes."
Lousy bastids in payroll!!
"Bake," who may have been trolling the site, jumped into the thread posted Friday. "My paycheck just went down. So did my wife's. This hurts us. But everybody says it's a good thing, so I guess we just suck it up and get used to it. I call it a tax increase on the middle class. I wonder what they call it. Somebody on this thread called it a 'premium.' Nope. It's a tax, and it just went up."
What do they call it? They call it "fuck you, pay me!"
Some in the thread argued that the new tax -- or the end of the "holiday," which makes it a new tax -- wouldn't really amount to much. One calculated it would cost about $86 a month for most people. "Honeycombe8," though, said that amount is nothing to sneeze at."$86 a month is a lot. That would pay for ... Groceries for a week, as someone said. More than what I pay for parking every month, after my employer's contribution to that. A new computer after a year. A new quality pair of shoes ... every month. Months of my copay for my hormones. A new thick coat (on sale or at discount place). It would pay for what I spend on my dogs every month ... food, vitamins, treats."
As our pygmy governor up here always says when he screws us, "It's only a cup of coffee a day"...
"Really, how am I ever supposed to pay off my student loans if my already small paycheck keeps getting smaller? Help a sister out, Obama," wrote "Meet Virginia." "Nancy Thongkham" was much more furious. "F***ing Obama! F*** you! This taking out more taxes s*** better f***ing help me out!! Very upset to see my paycheck less today!"
"_Alex¬ô" sounded bummed. "Obama I did not vote for you so you can take away alot of money from my checks." Christian Dixon seemed crestfallen. "I'm starting to regret voting for Obama."
Starting? Wow, and he hasn't even been sworn in yet...
But "Dave" got his dander up over the tax hike: "Obama is the biggest f***ing liar in the world. Why the f*** did I vote for him"?
What are you f***ing asking me for, you f***ing moron? I didn't f***ing vote for him...
Of course, dozens of posters on DemocraticUnderground sought to blame it all (as usual) on President George W. Bush. "Your taxes went up because the leaders need to dig us out of this criminal deficit hole we are in which has been caused because taxes were too low during the Bush years. Everyone has to help by spreading the wealth around a little. Power to the correct people!" posted "Orinoco."
Ah, the "correct" people. Could you point them out to me, Orinoco? I'll bet goddam Bushitler isn't one of them, right?
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