Davos Group Worried About "Failure to Adapt to Climate Change"
Climate change ranked among the top global risks in the annual World Economic Forum survey of more than 1,000 experts released Tuesday.
Experts? In what? I'm an expert, and they didn't ask me.
Obviously you weren't the expert they were looking for...
The group, most associated with its yearly conference in Davos, Switzerland, said leaving environmental issues unaddressed compounded with global economic stress could handcuff policymakers.
And that's only one of the advantages ....
"A sudden and massive collapse on one front is certain to doom the other's chance of developing an effective, long-term solution," the report said of the interplay between the global environment and economy.
Shirley, that was taken out of context. A massive collapse of the envirnoment would doom the economy? Or a collapse of the economy dooms the greenies?
A booming economy also dooms the greenies...
By replacing "rising greenhouse gas emissions" with "the failure to adapt to climate change" as a top global risk, respondents conveyed a "shift in the conversation on the environment from the question of whether our climate is changing to the questions of 'by how much' and 'how quickly,' " the report noted.
Another name-change?
The report said governments should invest in infrastructure upgrades to bolster resiliency to climate change and associated natural disasters.
Give them more control AND more money, knaves!
Posted by: Bobby 2013-01-11