Missing the point
Here is a grab from the video below of Charles Krauthammer holding forth on a complete irrelevancy in the gun-control pushes being made by the Democrats.

The normally-astute Charles thinks that the administration's goals in in radical gun-control measures are about reducing gun crimes and killings. Of course it's not (see the update to this post). The objective is to increase government control over the lives of Americans in any way they can.

...I have explained before that the fundamental error the Right in general has made for more than a half century is that the main contentions with the Left are about policy. They are not.

...when the Democrats start work on a policy initiative, it is not about the policy, it is about changing the way ordinary Americans think of themselves in relation to government.

The reason the Right is going to lose the upcoming gun-control fight is because they think the issue is about facts
Posted by: g(r)omgoru 2013-01-12