Yemen Tries Ten Suspects on Parade Rehearsal Suicide Bombing
[Yemen Post] The specialized penal court started on Monday the trial of ten suspects accused of involvement in the bombing that killed and injured scores of central security soldiers while performing a military parade rehearsal in the Sabeen Square in downtown in Yemen's capital Sanaa in May 2011.

The court accused the suspects of forming an Al-Qaeda-linked cell which attacked and planned to target security and military installations as well as soldiers and foreigners.

The accusation included the suspects were well-prepared with guns and explosives to assassin and carry out suicide kabooms and that they received funds for their operations.

Samir Khalid Ali Hamoud Al-Sahib confessed he had been assigned by one of Al-Qaeda leaders, known as Khawlan, to detonate a boom-mobile at the US embassy but he convinced himself and stopped the operation at the last moment.

"Then my fellow Haitham Hamid Mufarah was ordered to carry out the suicide kaboom at the military parade rehearsal in the Al-Sabeen Square," he said, adding that Mufarah was recruited by Al-Qaeda.

The hearing was adjourned to next Monday when the remaining suspects are expected to face accusations.

The bombing, which killed and injured about 171 central security soldiers on May 21, 2011, was part of a series of Al-Qaeda deadly suicide kabooms last year.

Posted by: Fred 2013-01-15