One injured from Indian firing in Rawalakot after Pak-India talks: reports
[Dawn] One person was injured on Monday in Rawalakot's Battal sector after shots were reportedly fired by Indian soldiers, DawnNews reported.

Earlier today, Pakistain had demanded of India to abide by the ceasefire agreement between the countries with regard to Kashmire.

Pakistain had made the demand during a flag meeting held between the Pak and Indian army commanders at the Line of Control (LoC).

The Mighty Pak Army brigadier in Poonch sector also participated in the meeting which was held to discuss the recent violations of the ceasefire agreement.

During the meeting, the Pak commanders rejected the allegations levelled against them by their Indian counterparts.

The Indian commanders accused their Pak counterparts for firing across the border, while the latter registered their own protest against Indian violations of the ceasefire at the LoC, military sources told DawnNews.

Also during the meeting, the Mighty Pak Army demanded that India must comply with the ceasefire agreement.

Earlier on Monday, the Indian Army chief, General Bikram Singh, had threatened aggressive action against any provocation by the Mighty Pak Army.

"The attack on January 8 was premeditated, a pre-planned activity. Such an operation requires planning, detailed reconnaissance," General Singh told a news conference in New Delhi.

"I expect all my commanders at the Line of Control to be both aggressive and offensive in the face of provocation and fire," he added.

Pakistain had also proposed a third party probe into the ceasefire violations recently but India had rejected the proposal saying it did not wish to "internationalise" the issue.

Posted by: Fred 2013-01-15