Topless protesters take on elite Davos forum
[SUNHERALD] Three women angry over sexism and male domination of the world economy
The titty thing seems to be Femen's schtick.
ripped off their shirts and tried to force their way into a gathering of corporate elites in a Swiss resort.
So all of three womyn show up and they make headlines because they take their shirts off. So we have an entire story dedicated to a total of six boobies.
Three boobies, actually. And six breasts.
Predictably, they failed. The ubiquitous and huge security force policing the World Economic Forum in Davos carried the women away, kicking and screaming.
"Corporal Renaud, carry the milk duds away!"
"But, sir! They're kicking and screaming!"
"Ignore it, Corporal. It's probably just the cold!"

The women, from Ukrainian feminist activist group Femen, scaled a fence and set off pink flares in the protest Saturday. Their chests were painted with "SOS Davos," as they sought to call attention to poverty of women around the world.
"Our titties represent the poverty of womyn around the world!"
Critics of the Davos forum say the business and political leaders at the gathering spend too little time doing concrete things to solve the world's problems and help the needy.
Luckily for the rest of mankind.
Posted by: Fred 2013-01-27