The real problem will come when he learns how to drive
A "smart" seal pup that sat out a storm on the dashboard of a car is being prepared for a return to the sea.

The six-week old seal was spotted in a busy lorry park at the Cairnryan ferry terminal in Stranraer.

It had climbed a steep banking to escape strong winds and choppy seas, and workers became concerned for its safety when it resisted attempts to encourage it to return to the water.

One worker picked up the seal and put it in the boot of his car to keep it warm before contacting animal welfare officers at the Scottish SPCA.

By the time Alistair Hill, a rescue officer, arrived at the scene the pup had forced down a rear seat in the car and was found lying on the dashboard.

It was named Smartie after being taken to the charity's wildlife rescue centre near Alloa and is close to making a full recovery after losing weight.

Posted by: lotp 2013-01-29