Misrata clamps down: weapons ban
[Libya Herald] Misrata is imposing a partial gun ban and another ban on vehicles with no number plates. There is also a partial curfew and action will also be taken against any militia group not acting under the express orders of the authorities.

The move follows Saturday's liquidation of Misrata local council member Mohamed Ben Othman and those of two security officials on Wednesday.

Any vehicle found with weapons at new checkpoints set up across the city, other than those of authorised security agencies, will be seized along with the weapons and the occupants tossed in the clink
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Any vehicles or armed individuals caught during the curfew will be arrested.

Other measures decided the local council yesterday, Sunday, following discussions with the city's security forces, include a ban on vehicles with no number plates and those with tinted film on their windows. Security in prisons is to be tighten and coordination between security bodies strengthened.

The council said that "Any battalion or entity caught in violation of this decision will be dismantled and all its affiliated members will be held accountable".

The timing of the partial curfew has not been announced other than that it is "outside official hours".

Following Wednesday night's killing of two coppers, there were calls for a curfew and a prominent revolutionary leader, Mohamed Al-Qanduz, announced that he was going to enforce one.

Posted by: Fred 2013-01-30