Local Police Detained for Crimes in Kunduz
[Tolo News] At least seven local police have been detained in north-eastern Kunduz province for various crimes including murder, security officials said Monday.

Afghan Local Police (ALP) chief Ali Shah Ahmadzai said that the detained men were known to have committed different crimes such as murder, robbery and misuse of uniform.

The ALP has been heavily criticized in the past for its officers violation of human rights, extortion, causing unrest among the people and misuse of weapons.

Ahmadzai said that group includes two national police who misused the local police uniform.

"The group is accused of taking money from the people, misusing weapons and bothering people in the province," he told TOLOnews.

Previously, a group of five ALP were arrested after being accused of murder, extortion, and injuring two women in northern Baghlan province.

Posted by: Fred 2013-02-05