Teenage Girl Receives Threats to Marry Former Kidnapper
[TOLONEWS] A teenage girl has fled with her family from their home in eastern Nangarhar province to live in Kabul after receiving ongoing threats from the man who kidnapped the girl more than a year ago.

Zamzama, who was kidnapped with her brother last year, told TOLOnews she has received threats to marry her former abductor Taj Mohammad or she will be kidnapped again and her intimidators will ensure her reputation is destroyed.

Zamzama said that when she and her and brother were kidnapped, Taj Mohammad took them to a mountainous area of the Noor Valley in Nangarhar, but her father received the help of some provincial council members and they were released three days later.

While Taj Mohammad was charged with the kidnapping, he was freed and is now threatening to repeat the act, Zamzama claimed Thursday.

Zamzama's father Abdul Matin believes those sending the threats have the support of Nangarhar province's former police chief Karim Gol.

Gol no longer works for any government structure but he holds much power in the area, Matin said, and the local officials "even the governor" seem afraid to further inspect Zamzana's case.

Matin added that although he alerted Nangarhar provincial governor Gul Agha Sherzai to the threats, nothing has changed and so he decided to move the family to Kabul to protect his daughter.

"The Nangarhar provincial governor lives in a palace and you have to wait a week to meet him. How could he solve the case?" Matin said.

Nangarhar provincial spokesman told TOLOnews that efforts are being made to arrest Taj Mohammad and that it is not yet clear who is supporting or protecting him.

Zamzama called on President Hamid Karzai to address her case.

"I want the president to help me. How would he react if it was his sister or daughter?" She said.

Civil society activist Mohammed Yusof Amin said the government needs to seriously address the problem of abductions if it is truly concerned about people's sense of security.

"The government has the responsibility to address this case. How long will the armed be allowed to go against the law?" He said.

Posted by: Fred 2013-02-08