Woman is shot dead in Aden
[Yemen Post] Officials in the southern seaport city of Aden confirmed on Saturday the death of a pregnant woman who fell victim of stray bullets while partaking in a protest calling for the release of all political prisoners.

The woman was eight months pregnant.

Tensions between southern secessionist militants have escalated in recent weeks, often turning peaceful demonstrations into violent riots, with dangerous stand offs between protesters and the security forces.

The news od the mother to be death send shock waves through the neighborhood, with residents blaming the state for using live ammunition against its citizens.

Mohammed Hamed, a school teacher and Haraki militant - Southern Secessionist Movement - warned that the accident could turn into a catalyst for Aden and the southern region for more radical party members.

"Although it was an accident, many in Aden will translate her death as an act of terror against South Yemen and its people's calls for independence."

Separatists have often use Sana'a repressive stance in Aden as a rallying call for resistance, seeking to unite southerners in their rejection of the north rather than their political vision.

Posted by: Fred 2013-02-11