Not enough bourbon to go round!
Maker's Mark waters down its alcohol content by 3% so it can make more

The bourbon will cut its alcohol content by three per cent, an email said
Company said it came to the decision after 'looking at all possible solutions'
Chief executives said the taste of the bourbon will remain the same
Distillers of a world famous bourbon has cut its alcohol content so it can meet increasing demand for the drink.

The owners of Maker's Mark, which is distilled Loretto, Kentucky, said they are unable to produce the bourbon fast enough.

The plans became public after an email from Maker's Mark executives Rob Samuels and Bill Samuels Jr, son of the company's founder, emerged.

It announced that the bourbon - which used the slogan 'It tastes expensive... and is' - will drop its alcohol content by there per cent.

It will now be reduced to 42 per cent ABV from 45 per cent.

Posted by: tipper 2013-02-11