Authorities See Salafi Groups Popping Up Everywhere Inside Russia
The Russian government has been forced to admit it is worried not only about Islam’s proliferation in the North Caucasus, but also about the proliferation of ideas of the North Caucasian militants spreading to other regions of Russia. Russian authorities are trying to prevent the spread of jihadi ideas above all in the Volga region, and regard it as the weakest link in the chain of affected areas of the Russian Federation

The government’s latest strike hit a Muslim group in St. Petersburg. On February 8 and 9, a large-scale police operation targeting radical Muslim groups was conducted in various parts of the city. The Federal Security Service (FSB) and police used significant manpower to carry out this operation. The building of the Main Investigative Office for St. Petersburg and the surrounding Leningrad region alone processed 271 Muslims who were arrested during the operation. Reports of the total number of people detained varied, with some estimates as high as 700 people. This suggests that an astoundingly large police action was carried out in the city sometimes referred to as the northern capital of the Russian Federation. A police press release stated the operation was “aimed at searching for and detaining persons who may be involved in terrorist and extremist activities”.
Posted by: Water Modem 2013-02-15