Row over renaming of Sandhurst hall after Bahrain donation
A Sandhurst tribute to the fallen of a First World War battle has been abandoned so a donation from the King of Bahrain can be honoured.
Mons Hall, named after the 1914 battle that saw thousands killed, will be renamed the King Hamad Hall after he gave £3 million towards its refurbishment.

Defence chiefs were yesterday accused of betraying the memory of soldiers who gave their lives for their country.

MPs also questioned the ethics of honouring regimes that have dubious human rights records.

It emerged an accommodation block at the Army officer training academy has also been named after the first president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) following a £15 million donation from the country.

Andy Slaughter, Labour's chairman of the Democracy In Bahrain all-party parliamentary group, said: "To change the name of something which commemorates a very tragic episode in British military history and an example of courage and heroism of British soldiers simply because they're getting a sum of money from a rather dubious source is appalling."

Posted by: lotp 2013-02-18