Five killed in attack at government office in Peshawar
At least five people were killed and several more wounded in an apparent attack on the office of the Pakistani government's political agent in Peshawar.

Explosions and gunfire were heard during Monday's attack on the compound of Muttahirzeb Khan, who is the government's representative in the region's tribal areas. The victims are mostly security officials.

Officials said that two suicide bombers entered the compound, where a meeting of government and tribal officials was being held. After shooting was heard, two large blasts shook the compound.

Niaz Ahmad Khan, a tribal politician, said, "We were holding a meeting and some others were joining us when firing started inside the political compound, and then there was a heavy blast, and again heavy firing began. We were told by the officials to take shelter inside the office as the terrorists had attacked the political compound."

He said he saw two bodies and some wounded people lying on the ground inside the compound. Khalid Mumtaz Kundi, one of Khan's deputies who was visiting from Khyber agency, was wounded in the attack.
Posted by: ryuge 2013-02-18