Thai terrorists launch wave of reprisals
Suspected terrorists militants have launched a wave of reprisal attacks for the failed raid on a military base in Narathiwat province earlier this month, with near-simultaneous attacks recorded in six districts of Pattani province.

29 locations were targeted in the attacks, which took place between 7:30 p.m. and midnight Saturday. They included several bomb explosions and arson attacks. Seven defense volunteers were wounded in one of the bomb blasts.

A security source said a group of terrorists militants led by Masore Dueramaethe is believed to have carried out the attacks. His group is also blamed for multiple bombings and arson attacks in Pattani's provincial center on Feb 16, which caused major property damage.

Col Pramote Prommin, spokesman for the 4th Region Forward Command of the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc), said the attacks were a concerted attempt by militants to retaliate after the deaths of 16 terrorists militants in a failed attack on a military camp on Feb 13. Col Pramote said the terrorists insurgents would want to strike back after the failed raid, particularly because key militant leader Maroso Chantharawadee was among the 16 who were killed.

Several terrorist insurgent leaders had also been arrested during the past several months, he said.

Of the 29 attacks, eight occurred in Yarang district, seven each in Muang and Yaring districts, four in Nong Chik, two in Sai Buri, and one in Khok Pho.

Meanwhile, police yesterday released security video footage of the suspects involved in twin bomb blasts in Narathiwat's Rangae district on Saturday. The blasts wounded three people, including a three-year-old child.

One of the suspects was shown parking a motorcycle loaded with explosives in front of a convenience store. Another suspect on a motorcycle then stopped nearby and dropped a bag into a rubbish can near the store. The two suspects then fled. Soon afterwards, the bomb in the rubbish can exploded, followed by the motorcycle bomb.
Posted by: ryuge 2013-02-25