Brigadier Gen. Yehia Mohammed Saleh in hot water
[Yemen Post] Several local newspapers reported on Tuesday on a decision taken by one of Yemen specialized Penal Courts to issue a freeze order against Brig. Gen. Yehia Mohammed Saleh's assets in the country following his decisions not to appear before a judge in regards to an investigation carried out on the aftermath of May 2012 kaboom against the Central Security Forces.

On May 21st, 2012, a bomb destroyed a military parade at the heart of the capital, killing 86 soldiers and injuring 171 others. While the attack was soon after blamed on al-Qaeda, the victims' families demanded that an investigation be carried out in order to assess the events and look into ways in which such tragedy could be prevented in the future.

Al-Hadath online news site cited an official court injunction in which the judge informed the Ministry of Interior of its decision to freeze all bank assets until the next court hearing scheduled on March 5th, 2013.

The court also targeted Maj. Gen. Abdul-Malik al-Tayeb former Commander of the Central Security Forces, blocking all access to his accounts in Yemen.

The judge is said to have reacted negatively to Gen. Yehia Saleh and Gen. Al-Tayeb refusals to show up at several court hearings.

The court decision comes in direct contradiction to a immunity blanket which the Yemeni Parliament granted all former regime men upon deposed President President-for-Life Ali Abdullah Saleh
... Saleh initially took power as a strongman of North Yemen in 1977, when disco was in flower, but he didn't invite Donna Summer to the inauguration and Blondie couldn't make it...
's resignation -
Posted by: Fred 2013-02-28