Imagine Reading Rantburg on a Heads-Up Display on your Glasses
Brin sees Google glasses hitting market this year

AFP - Sergey Brin envisions Google's Internet glasses hitting the market this year with an eye toward freeing people from unsocial habits engendered by "emasculating" smartphones.
Because nothing liberates you faster from an emasculating smartphone than dork eyeglasses...
Brin spoke of inspiration behind Google Glass eyewear during a brief appearance Wednesday on stage at a TED Conference known for an inspiring mix of influential big thinkers and "ideas worth spreading.

He playfully demonstrated his point on stage by ignoring a theater audience to stare down at his smartphone, saying he was intent on a message from a Nigerian prince need of $10 million dollars.

"I like to pay attention because that is how we originally funded the company," the Google co-founder quipped about a well-known scam.

A video intended to capture what it feels like to use Glass was online at googlecom/glass/start/..

Posted by: GolfBravoUSMC 2013-02-28